BITCOIN disrupts banks BTU disrupts online booking

Booking Token Unit (BTU) is the first decentralized reservation protocol to empower anyone to become a booking platform !

5 000 BILLION €
impacted markets

Cloud computing

The BTU Token

BTU Token is creating trust in the decentralized booking economy


BTU Tokens are used to guaranty bookings

If the booking is successfully complete, the escrowed BTU are given back to end user.
If the reservation is not cancelled in time, the escrowed BTU are taken by the service provider.


BTU Tokens are given as reward to any referral partner

When the reservation process is ended successfully, the service provider rewards the referral partner with BTU

BTU token economics

An outstanding crypto asset

Escrowed supply

To guarantee the ongoing booking

Limited total supply

100M BTU, no further token generation

Multiple use cases

BTU Protocol applies to many industries

A free software kit
for a massive adoption

A standard protocol
to share availabilities
on an open network


A virtuous model
redistributing value between business actors

BTU token distribution

Total supply
Token sale
Hard cap
Public price
100 M BTU
50 M BTU
approx. 20 M€
1 BTU = 0,60 €
4% until May 30th

Frequently asked questions


Vidal Chriqui
ERC-808 Inventor & Managing Director
Hervé Hababou

Team & Ambassadors

David Teruzzi
Senior Blockchain Architect
Léonard Henriquez
Chief Operating Officer
Victor Dumas
Back-end Developer
Aurélien Castellarnau
Front-end Developer
Julie Naudin
Partnership manager Korea
Victoire Mathot
Media contact
Matthieu Tylez
Head of communication
Kary Bheemaiah
Blockchain Ambassador
Thibault Verbiest
Ifergan Sydney
Marketing Advisor
Jun Hao
Marketing ambassador
Franck Delorme
Software Industry Ambassador
Pascal Bordat
Travel Industry Ambassador
Jean-David Benichou
Dr Gary Mamou
Healthcare Industry Ambassador
Gatien Cantais
Token Investor Ambassador
Sébastien Bergès
Cryptocurrency Ambassador

Legal counsel

Antoine Gabizon
Partner - Fieldfisher France
Arnaud Grünthaler
Partner - Fieldfisher France

Strategic partners

Fieldfisher Parity Tech Ticoon Scalene Partners Icoin Korea Invest Securities


BTU Protocol presentation at DEVCON3 Unicorn P&P in Cancun

November 2017

EIP ERC-808 submission of the BTU Protocol

January 2018

Hackathon at the ETNA school

February 2018

Releasing the BTU Protocol MVP

March 2018

BTU Protocol presented at the Ethereum Community Conference

March 2018

BTU Protocol Token sale

April 2018

“Earth” release

Protocol fully onchain, RES smart contract, Demo dApp

May 2018

"Mars" release

Support to first platform based on BTU protocol, Booking infrastructure, Javascript SDK, Template dApp customizable to any industry

Q3 2018

"Jupiter" release

Support to more partners leveraging our booking infrastructure, SDK in Javascript, Java, Python, Go, Plugin for Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS

Q1 2019

"Saturn" release

Integration of reputation system, Enhanced privacy features

Q2 2019

“Uranus” release

Implementation of a Cosmos Zone

T4 2019